Epigenetics Consortium provides an array of services in a variety of medicinal, biological and chemical disciplines.

  • Fee per sample or collaboration arrangements

  • Contact Natalia Tretyakova with questions

Epigenetic Marks

    • Quantitative analysis of 5-methyl-dC and 5-hydroxymethyl-dC in DNA using isotope dilution HPLC-ESI-MS/MS – Natalia Tretyakova

    • Identification and quantification of histone marks – Yue Chen

    • Affinity proteomics -- Natalia Tretyakova

Biological and Screening Services (ITDD)

    • Biochemical and cell-based assay development and validation

    • Low-, medium-, and high-throughput assays including those at biosafety level 3 (BSL-3).

    • Low throughput assay development and implantation

    • NCI cancer cell panel cytotoxicity screening

    • Simplex & Multiplex intracellular signaling molecule measurement

    • Compound profiling services

    • hERG channel profiling

    • ITC profiling

    • High content image analysis profiling of cellular toxicity reporters

    • Screening library containing 300,000 compounds

    • Focused libraries of pharmacologically active compounds for assay & target validation

Medicinal, Organic, and Process Chemistry (ITDD)

    • Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR)

    • Lead and Probe Optimization

    • Parallel synthesis and chemical library production

    • Total and multi-step synthesis of natural products

    • Rational, protein-structure based and computational drug design

    • Synthesis of lead molecules, drug candidates, and advanced intermediates on a diverse scale (mg to kg)

    • Chemical process development, scale-up, and optimization

    • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) synthesis under cGMP conditions (mg to kg) to support pre-clinical and Phases I-II clinical trials

    • API stability testing

    • Protein purification