Regents Professor and Department Head, Robert Vince Endowed Chair, McKnight Presidential Chair, and Director of Institute of Therapeutics Discovery and Development

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

College of Pharmacy

Professor Georg and her group have published over 240 scientific articles and are involved in the design, semisynthesis, total synthesis, and evaluation of biologically active agents. Current therapeutic areas include cancer, male and female non-hormonal contraception, cancer, and epilepsy. These projects require the development of synthetic methods, synthesis of natural products, and structure-activity studies aimed at improving the therapeutic efficacy of lead compounds, including natural products, and hits from high throughput screening. Interdisciplinary projects are a main focus in the Georg group, involving medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, screening, structure-based drug design, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and reproductive biology. Active collaboration exists with several research groups at the University of Minnesota, and around the country. Professor Georg is the PI of an NICHD P50 center: “Contraceptive Discovery, Development and Behavioral Research Center” that involves six institutions. The Georg group is interested in discovering selective inhibitors for bromodomain proteins with a special emphasis on discovering selective inhibitors for BRDT for male contraception.

Research Interests

Medicinal Chemistry

Research Funding Grants

NICHD U54 HD093540, NICHD 1 R61 HD099743, 75N95019D00031, R01 HD012623


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  • WO 2016/149540 A1



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